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Get The Royal Taste From Indian Restaurant Near Hoofddorp

Himalaya Palace, located just a few meters from the Hoofddorp (near Schiphol Airport) is a well known Indian restaurant near Hoofddorp that offers you a lovely ambiance that will take you to the court of an ancient Indian ruler, where the spicy and fragrant flavors of Indian food will tempt your taste buds. We feature a large selection of vegetarian cuisine in addition to meat and fish dishes. We have enough options to offer everyone based on their tastes, from soft to crispy, mild to spicy, dry to juicy, and each dish is constructed with the freshest ingredients.

Hoofddorp, the largest town of this region in North Holland, was founded after the Haarlemmermeer was drained in 1853. It has a population of roughly 73,000 people. Hoofddorp, which has a very short history, was included in Amsterdam’s defense line and saw the construction of a fort and six-gun batteries that were connected to the canal network for transit.

The town has excellent transportation connections to Amsterdam and Haarlem, as well as being close to Schiphol Airport. As a stand-alone tourist attraction, Hoofddorp offers a superb range of recreational and ecological activities centered on the Haarlemmermeer basin.  

Himalaya Palace has it all if you are searching for a nice dining experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Our Indian restaurant near Hoofddorp offers a tranquil and high-quality experience in the picturesque countryside around Hoofddorp. If you want to eat here, you can order chicken tikka,  fish tikka tandoori, mixed veg starter, hot chicken wings, onion bhaji, samosa among other delicacies. 

Satisfying North Indian and Mughal Flavours

Our special and vast menu, which features the most genuine Indian delicacies and is not to be missed, is made with great passion by our expert chefs. The restaurant’s large seating capacity, warm ambiance, and delectable meals make it ideal for every occasion, whether a romantic date, a birthday celebration, a family dinner, or a fun corporate outing. The leading Indian restaurant near Hoofddorp cordially invites you, your family, friends, and coworkers to join us in creating an outstanding experience for you and your loved ones.

Order your takeaways and deliveries from the renowned Indian restaurant near Hoofddorp

Do you want to bring delicious and delectable Indian cuisine into your home? You can now get the rich flavors of India directly from our website, or contact us by phone or email. With our fully vaccinated delivery executives, we will deliver your meal right to your door. Call us at the numbers mentioned on our official website, and we will deliver your order to your registered address safely.

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Are you excited to sample some of our Indian dishes? You may call Himalaya Palace to book a reservation, or you can make one online in a matter of seconds. We take reservations for lunch and dinner, all you have to do is check the availability of your preferred table and reserve it right away! It’s that simple and fast!