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Delicious Taste With the Indian Restaurant Near Amsterdam Airport

Your search for a relishing Indian restaurant near Amsterdam Airport is now over, Himalaya Palace is here to satisfy your hunger for the royal taste of Indian cuisine. We are one of the greatest Indian restaurants in Aalsmeer, delivering authentic Indian cuisine with dine-in, online meal ordering, and catering options. 

Himalaya Palace is a pukka Indian Tandoori and Nepali restaurant in the heart of the world’s flower capital, Aalsmeer, with food and service suitable for the Royals. We are only 10-15 minutes from Schiphol International Airport and Amsterdam’s city center, and we provide free parking with a blue parking disc. 

Why do people love our Indian menu? Himalaya Palace keeps in mind what our customers would love to have while at our restaurant. Not only in taste, but also in preparation methods, our preparation of Indian cuisine is distinct from that of the rest of the globe. It is a great blend of several cultures and eras. Food in India, like Indian culture, has been affected by several civilizations, which has contributed to its general evolution and current shape.

Celebrate The Taste Of Indian Flavours With Us! 

The spiciness of Indian cuisine is well-known. Spices are utilized widely in Indian cuisine, whether in North or South India. However, it is important to remember that each spice used in Indian cuisine has nutritional and therapeutic characteristics.

We are a stylish and tranquil Indian restaurant near Amsterdam Airport where you can try out various delicacies from our extensive menu. We serve delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. A great spot for a peaceful meal, be it a family lunch or a corporate dinner, away from the throngs of tourists in the Old City.

You will immediately feel at ease in our restaurant, because of the well-designed décor, which is stylish and contemporary and gives a touch of Indian culture. With plenty of light and soothing quiet background music, you can enjoy our food which is delectable and unique, the service is kind and welcoming, and the rates are quite reasonable. 

The food at Himalaya Palace, one of the finest Indian restaurants near Amsterdam Airport is the real highlight of the place. We believe it must be authentic because many of the restaurant’s customers are Indian and the locals. 

The major courses are classified as Tandoori, Curry, Biryani, and Vegetarian Dishes on the menu. They are all simple, flavorsome, and fresh. The cuisine tastes like it was prepared at home. Speaking of which, the main courses at our restaurant are presented on traditional Indian utensils that will give you a feel that you are actually eating somewhere in India. This also gives you the time of flavouring them and eating at your leisure. 

The menu at the greatest Indian restaurant near Amsterdam Airport also includes a large selection of appetizers, side dishes, and various types of traditional Indian bread. We were only able to sample a handful of them, but they were delicious. Wines from South America and Europe that are tasty and well-chosen. Visit our Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer