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Contact us for Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn

Himalaya Palace is known as the best restaurant if you are looking for Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn. We offer delicious, wholesome, and fresh homely Indian meals prepared with the utmost care by our skilled chefs. Our home delivery services in Uithoorn offer fresh meal combos every day, and they are equally light on the stomach.

We also offer high-quality corporate catering as well as vegetarian, and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine for a variety of events. Our chefs prepare the food with the utmost caution and use only the finest ingredients that are special from the Indian subcontinent.

What has Uithoorn got to offer you?

Let’s get a sneak peek of the little town of Uithoorn that is located south of Amsterdam. It has cafes and stores, as well as some great walking areas where you can observe a lot of nature and history. The town’s distinctive city flag and coat of arms, both of which feature a figure issuing from a golden horn, are possibly its most well-known features.

As mentioned earlier, Uithoorn is a small town in the Netherlands that may be explored in a single day. People frequently consider stopping here for a quick break before continuing on to the adjacent cities. You can stop here for a quick bite to eat or even contact us for Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn and rest if feeling tired from your journey.

The vastness of the outdoors are waiting to be explored 

The Zijdelmeer, a famous lake in Uithoorn, is surrounded by a 60-hectare natural reserve. It’s a great place to go for a walk, and the stunning landscapes, which include reed fields, grasslands, hay islands, and a marshy forest that are home to a wide variety of wildlife. There are plenty of beautiful areas to stop for a picnic, and the grounds even contain a petting zoo.

The Garden of Bram de Groote is also well worth a visit. The large garden is well maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers, and admission is free. Along the Boterdijk in Uithoorn, you’ll see the entrance to the garden, but keep in mind that it’s only available to the general public on the first Sunday of each month from April to September.

Speaking of the delightful food here, people love to order Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn from Himalaya Palace, one of the finest Indian restaurants here. We are already delivering meals at your doorsteps since the pandemic chaos started once again and the town went into a complete lockdown.

How we are your perfect choice for Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn

Himalaya Palace delivers amazing and lip-smacking Indian food from our extensive menu, now you can order from one of the biggest and most popular Indian restaurants in Uithoorn, where you will be served and treated with the most delectable Indian delicacies of all time.

Many of the dishes on our restaurant’s sophisticated menu are seasoned and cooked with the freshest ingredients, and in the case of Indian tandoori delicacies, they are sometimes baked for an entire day before being slowly cooked inside a real tandoor oven. Only the most authentic and raw Indian cuisine additions and spices are used by our chefs. If you are looking to order  Indian food home delivery in Uithoorn then place your orders with Himalaya Palace, the ultimate destination for some of the most amazing Indian dishes in town.