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Himalaya Palace: Try The Best Restaurant in Aalsmeer Now!

The Aalsmeer flower market is one of the most popular flower markets in the world, the most unique event in the Netherlands takes place 16 miles southwest of Amsterdam in Aalsmeer, a little lakeside town that is home to the world’s largest flower auction. It is also home to the area’s most-loved best restaurant in Aalsmeer. Around 20 million flowers in over 13,000 types are traded in a visitor-friendly warehouse estimated to be the world’s third-largest at 990,000 square meters.

Stick to exploring the flower market in Aalsmeer if you are looking for an affordable spring bouquet. Aalsmeer is more of a spectator sport, with visitors able to watch professionals bid on football-field-sized numbers of tulips, gardenias, roses, lilies, and Gerber daisies before shopping for floriculture mementos at the site’s souvenir store.

While you are on a voyage to buy these beautiful flowers, you might want to try out the best restaurant in Aalsmeer that goes by the name, Himalaya Palace. The restaurant is the ultimate pathway to discover the real taste of Indian food. Next time, whenever you are around the flower market, do not forget to try out the premium restaurant in Aalsmeer. 

A Family Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer | Visit Himalaya Palace

Himalaya Palace is a magnificent Indian Tandoori and Nepali restaurant with leading food and service. Our one-of-a-kind dishes, kind atmosphere, and inviting setting will assure a pleasant and pleasurable evening for you.

We also provide timely and reliable home delivery and pickup services if you prefer to eat a healthy dinner in the comfort of your own home. The knowledge and skills of our staff contribute to the ambiance of our long-running restaurant.

Himalaya Palace is happy to cater and provide dine-in service for any occasion. Customers can count on us to provide high-quality Indian food catering services that arrive on time. If you have a craving for Indian food, then do not hesitate to reach the best restaurant in Aalsmeer that serves some lip-smacking Indian delicacies.

A Quick Overview of the Aalsmeer Flower Market 

Around 5,000 suppliers from around the world sell flowers in the Aalsmeer market, which imports flowers from more than 40 countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, and Ecuador, and exports them to 140 countries, including the five major exporting nations of Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Belgium. You will be surprised to see that the market has around 20,000 different varieties of flowers.

How can we serve you the best flavors from India?

Being the best restaurant in Aalsmeer, Himalaya Palace has always been on the top list of food lovers who want to try out new dishes from an extensive Indian menu at our restaurant. Whenever you are visiting the flower market, you may feel a little hungry at times and there we are, always at your service. As a result, you may desire a relaxing sitting alternative where you may relax and savor scrumptious cuisine.

What do we serve 

You can choose from a wide range of Indian delicacies that are being served by our expert chefs and we meet a number of dishes to our Indian as well as the local food connoisseurs. Our menu is entirely Indian meals created with fresh and nutritious vegetables, meat, and spices.

The selection gives a fresh touch for non-vegetarian food fans, in addition to superb vegetarian eating options for lunch and dinner. Chicken tikka tandoori, Himalayan king prawn, Seekh kabab, Chicken bhuna, Shahi Paneer, Mix veg, and many other delights that stand out.

4 Tips to Provide Outstanding Customer Service in Your Restaurant in Aalsmeer

Customer service has always been an essential part of restaurant ownership, it is a combination of communication and genuine concern for your customers. And if you want your customers to feel welcome, and safe when they come to your restaurant you have to follow some basic tips and tricks to do so. They will return to your restaurant again and again if you treat them with care and respect while providing a wonderful and wholesome meal. There is no denying that satisfied customers are indeed integral to your business model.

Excellent customer service is critical to your restaurant in Aalsmeer. Check out these amazing tips to give the best customer service to your guests:

  • Greetings and etiquette

The major thing in the hotel industry is how well you greet your customers while they are at your restaurant in Aalsmeer. However, the food quality is always a top priority, the experience your guests have from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave is what matters most. Restaurants should remember to put the needs of their customers first in every dining experience.  Read these quick tips to have an impact on your guests:

  • Welcome your customers as soon as they walk through the door.
  • Professional titles such as sir, ma’am, and miss are appropriate.
  • Try not to interrupt while they are speaking.
  • Pay close attention to what they want and listen closely.
  • Make sure you know everything there is to know about your menu. To ensure that you understand their orders, ask questions and repeat them.
  • Make No Effort to Keep Them Waiting

When you are with us, being the best restaurant in Aalsmeer, it is our duty to fulfill all your hopes that you have kept from us. It won’t matter if you serve the best food in town if your guests have to wait too long for their first round of drinks, appetizers, or meals. Never disappoint or make your guests wait as this creates a negative image on their minds. Make sure you have enough employees on hand so that they don’t have to wait long. If a diner orders a meal that will take a little longer to prepare, inform them ahead of time. Be open and honest with your information. 

  • Keep customer feedback cards intact

When you show your customers that you care for their feedback, it creates a good image of your best restaurant in Aalsmeer amongst the guests which is a very healthy sign of customer service. Keep feedback registers with you and ask the guests for their experience in the restaurant. You show them that you care by allowing them to make a comment and that you are always searching for ways to improve your food and service by allowing them to do so. The feedback you receive from your customers can help you identify areas where you can improve.

  • Utilize Technology

What difference can you think of to make your guests feel welcomed to your restaurant in Aalsmeer? You can go with easy online orderings, offering free Wi-Fi in your restaurant. Customers will appreciate having the ability to order directly from your online menu. It enables people to explore and order from your menu in a handy manner. They will frequently spend more money ordering online because they will be tempted to try more things. This will lead to greater and satisfactory customer service.