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Magnificent Taste of India from the Best Indian Restaurant in Aalsmeer

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Magnificent Taste of India from the Best Indian Restaurant in Aalsmeer

Indian food is well-known for its spiciness. Spices are commonly used in Indian cuisine, whether it is from the north or the south. It’s crucial to note, though, that each spice in Indian food has its own nutritional and medicinal properties. Speaking of the food at Himalaya Palace, one of the best Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer is the place’s true centerpiece. Since many of the restaurant’s customers are Indian and locals, we assume it must be legitimate.

What Can You Expect From Our Menu

Tandoori, Curry, Biryani, and Vegetarian Dishes are the primary courses on the menu. They’re all easy, flavorful, and delicious. The food tastes like it was prepared at home. Speaking of which, the main courses at our restaurant are served with traditional Indian utensils, giving you the impression that you are feasting in India. This also allows you to flavor them and consume them whenever you want.

A huge selection of appetizers, side dishes, and many varieties of classic Indian bread is also available on the menu at the most loved Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. We vow to serve a wide range of Indian delicacies to our guests so that they may cherish the true flavors of India.

Some of The Popular Tandoori Sizzlers at The Best Indian Restaurant in Aalsmeer

  • Chicken Tandoori 

The word ‘Tandoor’ comes from the jar in which this meal is prepared. It’s a bell-shaped clay oven that’s either wood-fired or coal-fired. Because the consumers prefer the softness, tenderness, and juiciness of chicken, there is no better method to prepare it than in a Tandoor.

The splendid taste elements are provided by the tandoor itself, the two elements that make the chicken tandoori so amazing are its smoky taste and the flavors that get sealed inside the juicy tandoori chicken.  

  • King Prawn Tandoori

King Prawn Tandoori from the best Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer will make you want for more, the taste that our chefs inculcate in the tandoori prawns is to die for. A side of refreshing and tangy salad with chutney will make the tandoori prawns more delectable. 

  • Fish Tikka Tandoori

Fish Tikka Tandoori is generally one of the most popular dishes from the seafood tandoori menu at the restaurant. The tandoori fish comes as a flat filete that is delicate, and a flaky fish that responds beautifully to the marinade and charred smokey tandoori flavors, served along with chutney and salads. 

  • Lamb Tikka Tandoori

The lamb tikka tandoori is one of the most loved and ordered dishes at our premium Indian restaurant. Our lamb meat is of exceptional quality, so it cooks up tender with or without a long marinating period. Our expert chefs use the best part of the lamb to give you the most amazing taste in the tandoori menu. 

  • Tandoori Mixed Grill

The tandoori mixed grill platter includes a mix of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Darts, Hotwings, Lamb Darts in Seekh Kebab. Our tandoori mixed platter is the best Indian delicacy you can order at our Indian restaurant.

A Little Peek Inside The Lovely Town of Aalsmeer

With a population of almost 31,000 people, Aalsmeer is a small town and municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. Calslagen, Kudelstaart, Oostende, and Vrouwentroost are among the minor communities that make up Aalsmeer. The town also has some of the best Indian restaurants as we speak of. As a result, it is a part of the larger urban area that encompasses Amsterdam. Aalsmeer is also very popular for its flower farming and tourism.

Quick facts about the town:

  • Did you know that around 1133, Aalsmeer was first known as Alsmar?
  • Aalsmeer is now mostly known for its flower auctions and flower auction sites. It also hosts the world’s largest floral auction (known as VBA).
  • Aalsmeer is especially recognized for its water activities, which explains why there are so many marinas here.

The 60 monuments in the small town will appeal to anyone interested in culture. In heritage registers, many of them have been designated as historic structures. The numerous monuments that may be located in public spaces and streets will pique the interest of art aficionados.

The town also offers some of the best and world-famous flower parades that have a long heritage in Aalsmeer, as they do in many other Dutch cities and villages. A notable annual flower procession was organized in Aalsmeer until 2007. The tradition was abandoned once the main sponsor chose to stop supporting it. The tradition was restored after a four-year hiatus by a new organization named ‘Stichting Aalsmeers Bloemencorso,’ which now hosts a smaller version of the classic flower procession.

Among these wonderful things in the town, it also has the best Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer, known as Himalaya Palace which has been serving Indian food for a very long time now to the locals and the Indians living there.

How can we serve wholesome meals as the best Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer?

  • Authentic chefs 

Himalaya Palace has been known as the best Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer, this was possible only because of the expert and skills our chefs possess. They prepare meals with utmost love and dedication to Indian cuisine. They love to apply all of their knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, the unending passion for delicious, and healthy food. And this is how we have a large number of guests waiting to taste the most authentic meals from the Indian subcontinent. 

  • Cultural setup

You can look up some relaxing evenings at our restaurant where you will get the vibe of authentic Indian traditions along with some great taste from the country. You can also visit us for

romantic dinners, or nutritious meals any time of the day. For special occasions and celebrations, we do deliveries and catering. When it comes to flavor, we never disappoint, it’s always fresh, great, and homemade.

  • Fresh and great delicacies

Gear up for some fresh, and amazing delicacies that are lip-smacking and are to die for from the finest Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer. You might want to order all that is on the menu. You can pick from a wide range of Indian meals such as tandoori grills, naan, veg delicacies, juicy meats such as chicken, lamb, along with seafood like king prawns and what not.