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Explore Best Indian Restaurant near Schiphol | Himalaya Palace

You can explore the best Indian restaurant near Schiphol while you are traveling in and around Aalsmeer, you might feel a little fatigued and hungry. It comes as no surprise that Aalsmeer, as one of the continent’s top cultural gathering sites, has a vast range of food to offer. For generations, people have traded products and ideas here, and what better way to bridge cultural gaps than via excellent food?

Aalsmeer is a wonderful city with numerous things to see and explore with friends and family. The Netherlands is known for combining history with innovation, which is evident in its region’s eateries, a place where classic recipes shine with a fresh coat of paint that has a particularly 21st-century gleam. 

When you combine the city’s renowned eye for sustainability with a desire to try anything once, you have got yourself a culinary list that’s undoubtedly full of surprises.

While you are traveling in and around Aalsmeer, you might feel a little fatigued and hungry. As a result, you may desire a pleasant sitting option in which you can sit and rest while enjoying delectable cuisine. 

Experience the best of Indian cuisine with us

Himalaya Palace, being the premium Indian restaurant near Schiphol is your ideal choice for having a good time while enjoying a fine culinary meal. We pledge to provide the highest quality food in a pleasant and welcoming environment. Our selection of menus reflects our enthusiasm for Indian cuisine. Traditional Indian meals that include cheese, milk, chicken, and fish, are vibrantly cooked by skilled chefs and are then featured on the menu. 

If you have the taste for all kinds of Indian food i.e north as well as south then Himalaya Palace is the best Indian restaurant near Schiphol to explore the best of Indian cuisine. The addition of traditional flavors to our delectable food leaves you with a satisfying thought. 

We serve various Indian delicacies to Indian food enthusiasts, our menu consists solely of Indian meals prepared with fresh and nutritious veggies, meat, and spices. In addition to excellent vegetarian eating alternatives for lunch and dinner, our menu also provides a fresh touch for non-vegetarian cuisine enthusiasts. Some of the delicacies that stand out are chicken tikka tandoori, Himalaya king prawn, seekh kabab, and chicken bhuna, shahi paneer, mixed veg, and much more. 

Curries from India are renowned for their variation, spices, raw flavor, vibrant colors, and delectable taste. Curry refers to any food that is smooth and gravy-based. A hint of sourness is most common, with a sweet flavor appearing in rare situations. Each region of the country has its own unique technique of creating a dish with various ingredients. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries have a wide range of options that we as the best Indian restaurant near Schiphol has to offer. 

Himalaya Palace is a fine dining Indian restaurant in Aalsmeer with food and service that is fit for food lovers. Our one-of-a-kind meals, lip-smacking taste, kind hospitality, and welcoming ambiance will make sure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable evening.